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Ever since its founding in 1923, Bunka Gakuen has been a leader and mainstay in Japan’s fashion education. Today, Bunka Gakuen is striving to become an internationally oriented fashion base so that it can fulfill its social and educational mission in human resources development for the fashion industry, apparel culture and associated lifestyle creation, and corresponding scientific fields.

To fulfill this mission, Bunka Gakuen seeks to develop based on three important keywords: Globalization‒offering a superior research and educational environment suitable for an international society; Innovation‒assuming a position of leadership for technical enhancements in the fashion realm; and Creativity‒providing an educational institution that cultivates exceptional talent while pioneering original methods and novel styles.

Bunka Gakuen is largely divided into two divisions: the Educational Division and the Business Division. In the Educational Division, Bunka Gakuen University‒an institution founded on the spirit of “creation of new beauty and culture”‒offers excellent academic and research functions, including graduate and doctoral courses. Bunka Fashion College nurtures professional talent for the fashion industry from not only domestic but also global perspectives, and has produced many international-level creators. Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Japan’s first specialty graduate school in the fashion field, aspires to develop and encourage fresh and creative individuals as a means of establishing Japanese brands in international fashion markets. And Bunka Institute of Language accepts foreign students from many countries and is recognized as a distinctive educational institution for learning the Japanese language.

Among Bunka Gakuen’s attached institutions are three laboratories engaged in the development of fashion-related educational materials and joint research with industrial and academic domains. Also attached are the Bunka Gakuen Library, Costume Museum, Fashion Resource Center, which gather materials and supply information related to fashion. These facilities support education and research within Bunka Gakuen and aid a broad range of Japanese and international researchers, specialists, and industries. Such achievements over the years have earned us considerable recognition. Additionally, our International Communication Center directs academic and cultural exchanges with affiliated overseas institutions (42 schools in 13 countries), and supports international students and those wishing to study abroad. And our Intellectual Property Center protects intellectual properties‒such as patents and practical designs‒that were produced at Bunka Gakuen, and collaborates with industry, academia, and government toward making a more substantial contribution to society.

The Business Division is comprised of the Bunka Publishing Bureau and the Bunka Business Bureau. The Bunka Publishing Bureau publishes fashion magazines and fashion- related practical texts that include So-en, a fashion research magazine, Hi-fashion, which covers the world’s latest fashion modes, and Mrs., a general interest magazine. The bureau also publicizes the latest information by issuing our original educational curriculum in the forms of Chinese, Korean and English textbooks. Moreover, the “So-en Award” which offers a special opportunity to future fashion designers, is making a substantive contribution to the Japanese fashion industry by recognizing and supporting unique talent. The Bunka Business Bureau markets fashion-related educational materials and texts and manages accommodations and training facilities. The Institute Management Headquarters manages the 23-story Shinjuku Bunka Quint Building adjoining the Bunka Gakuen campus as well as Bunka Fashion Incubation, a facility providing creative support to young designers that was opened in partnership with Shibuya Ward.

Bunka Gakuen actively participates in a variety of international activities. Among them are fashion-oriented cultural exchange programs that are based on requests from foreign countries, collaboration and academic exchange with our affiliated overseas institutions, and acceptance of students from more than 40 countries. Bunka Gakuen has become what it is today through international collaboration. It is the only member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology (IFFTI) in Japan. In the ways described above, all of us at Bunka Gakuen are dedicated to integrating the elements and wisdom of our departments and, as an educational institution, to fostering human resources capable of constant innovation. We also intend to utilize the unique research and education systems and international networks that we have cultivated over long years to become a fashion center for the world.